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Operation Black Dawn


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Steam Name(s): Travis (rest is to be determined and need to message me oocly)

Character Name(s): Gustavo Baldo

Are there any Vortigaunts present?: No

What type of Expedition is this (Read about Expedition Type below):
Expedition - An expedition is the standard form of Expedition, nothing is special about it other than what you can find written all over about expeditions. Just your normal 1-12 man group

Destination (Description and screenshot of the route):

The destination of the expedition is the Geneva Hadron Collider, or at least the construction site for it. According to the internet, It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) between 1998 and 2008. As the combine in willard lore invaded in 2001, a the Collider will not be functional and will likely be still under construction, which we believe will work to our advantage. Since the collider was never finished, all that would remain is a large underground tunnel filled with construction equipment and basic machinery. as well as some finished parts of the collider we wish to study. We also believe that the plant was guarded by security forces, potentially leaving behind a decent amount of weaponry when the combine invaded. The collider is located less than five kilometers from city 24, using a subway map and a map of the surrounding area I determined the best route would be through the old transit network below geneva, taking lines 14/18 (Purple and dark blue). For the expedition we plan to stay out of sight of any threats, as we don't believe the combine would want much to do with an old construction site.

(bottom two maps I made in photoshop and have plastered on a board ingame, to add rp to planning and such.)

We plan to embark from within the sewers in a minivan, using it's speed and high storage capacity to move through the tunnels with ease. We'll likely be gone for less than two days overall.

Screenshot(s) of inventories:

Still working on this, preparing by crafting ammunition and weapons, medical supplies, food.

Will you be using a vehicle?:
Screenshot(s) of the key(s) of the vehicle(s) you are using:

Currently I have someone building a minivan to be used, seating a large group of people. If it doesn't seat everyone, some shall walk alongside the vehicle as we use it for storage as a sort of convoy. - the auth for this has already been approved.


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I realize that this should be in "expedition requests", however I cannot make posts there so I made it here instead.